Chief’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Chief, our mission has always been to drive women into positions of power and keep them there — and diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to that mission. We believe that more women and underrepresented people need to be positioned at the highest levels of leadership in order to create a ripple effect.

We recognize that members of underrepresented communities face different and more difficult challenges getting a seat at the table. That’s why we want to be transparent about diversity within the entire Chief community, and share the commitments and actions we are taking to dismantle racism and support diversity, equity, and inclusion through Chief membership.

Member Representation

We commit to building a racially diverse community, which we believe is essential to accelerating change in the C-Suite and beyond.

At launch, we set the goal to have 36% of our membership identify as part of an underrepresented ethnicity or race. We based this on the study showing that, in 2019, only 18% of women at the VP level and above identified as part of communities of color. As of 2022, more than 35% of Chief Members share this identity. We are committed to increasing and surpassing these numbers, ensuring we are recruiting members from marginalized communities. Additionally, our grant program provides greater access to Chief membership for professionals from underrepresented racial backgrounds.

Community Inclusivity

We commit to actively fostering an inclusive environment where all members can feel safe, heard, and supported.

Members can join private, identity-based groups to make connections that are grounded in shared experience. These communities include Black and African American, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Hispanic / Latinx, Middle Eastern and North African, South Asian, Indigenous, and Allies, and we’re always open to create more upon request. (Members can find all of these groups here.) We host identity-based meetups 30 times a year to foster connections among these communities and create a space for discussion, sharing, and listening.

DEI Programming

We commit to continuing to produce diversity and inclusion-focused workshops and conversations.

This applies both to the content these sessions cover and those who lead them. We aim to bring in an equal percentage of white and non-white speakers and moderators. Ongoing programming is announced monthly, and our six-part intensive Anti-Racism Series is available on demand to all Chief Members.

Impact Beyond Chief

We commit to helping to build a diverse and equitable future of leadership.

Chief Members have the power and influence to drive sustainable change from the top down. We can use that power to pave the way for the next generation of leaders. We’ve developed mentorship partners and opportunities that can help us elevate racially diverse women on their path toward leadership, including MLT, HireBlack, and Digital Undivided. In addition, we are always actively looking to form partnerships with additional organizations — recommendations welcome.

The Chief Team

We commit to applying these principles of inclusion within our internal team.

We were proud to be named a Diversity Hiring Leader by Canvas in 2021 and strive to ensure Chief continues to be an inclusive and supportive place to work for all of our employees.

The Chief community’s desire to break down barriers that create an unequal playing field continues to inspire our mission to change the face of leadership. We always encourage members to come together to share resources, support initiatives, and drive projects forward together.

Carolyn Childers, CEO and Lindsay Kaplan, CBO

March 2022