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What does the future look like when women lead the way?

You tell us.
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leading the way

Chief Members represent the most powerful women executives across the United States. They’re leading into the future — and paving the way to bring others with them — creating a ripple effect across their own organizations. Here’s what a few of our members see in a future where women lead the way.

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The gender pay gap hasn’t budged for 15 years. There are more chief executives named Michael and James than women who lead S&P 500 companies. The World Economic Forum says it will take 135 years to reach global gender parity.

Which is more absurd: these stats? Or aliens coming to visit earth and learning about our lack of women in leadership?

Non-profit partners changing the future

Non-Profit Partners

Part of changing the face of leadership means paying it forward. As we look to the future, Chief is making a series of donations to nonprofit organizations that are building the foundation for more women to lead the way. We hope that you’ll consider making additional contributions.
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